How to Write Great Twitter Bio for Founders & Why

How To Write a Great Twitter Bio & Why You Need It

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You’re a founder. You’re on Twitter. Maybe your company has an account too. How do you use your Twitter presence to grow your brand & your business?
Twitter is a source of growth today in many ways. For one, it allows you to have an audience that’s ready to listen to content that you produced for 30 seconds. That low friction for publishing small content means so much.

You can see Twitter as a public diary for your personal brand’s growth journey as a founder. There are two groups of audience for your Twitter account: A.) others and B.) yourself. In many ways, the single most important audience of your Twitter presence is yourself. More on that later.

Why Twitter

It’s a Public Social Network

Your Twitter footprint is important because of the traffic it gets. It ranks highly, that it’s the first Google search result for many entrepreneurs. If you Google my name, my Twitter account is the first result at the moment.

There’s also a cultural factor, where people expect you to be available for your public-facing announcements on Twitter. It’s a go-to place for updates on a public brand. If you’re a founder whose business growth is based on her online presence, you want your brand to be known by the public.

Clear, Short Pitches

While there are rumors that Twitter’s character limit will adjust, it remains to be a place for bite-sized messages. It’s critical that the profile bio is just as small. This is a part that matters so much for you as a founder.

By optimizing for quick elevator pitches, you’ll exercise your muscles for getting to the point immediately. If you’re vying for a reader’s attention on the Twitter firehose, you want them to stop, glance, and stare at your stuff.

If you learn to optimize for brevity, you can take this business lesson everywhere. From in-person sales meetings to your ad copy. Going direct to the point increases your likelihood of closing deals.

Low Production Cost & Easy to Update

The fact that Tweets are tiny posts eases everyone’s expectation. This ease allows you and your audience to take it easy. Your updated Twitter bio doesn’t have to be a grand piece of poetry.

With the expectation of low production cost, you can review and update your Twitter bio often. This may not be the case for editing your company website’s “About Us” section. You probably need to sit down on your computer or get help from your tech team.

How to Optimize Your Twitter Bio

Update It Often

Take advantage of the ease of updating it. You have the mobile app. The web app allows you to modify your bio quickly. Keep reflecting what’s up.

This public statement of who you are should reflect your continuous growth. If you don’t feel the urge to update it, that’s a clue. You don’t want to be a one hit wonder. If your bio still reflects the great thing you did in 2009, that might be a reflection of how much you’re growing.

Keep it fresh. Keep your growth on fire.

Celebrate Your Most Recent Successes

Keep your bio updated with the latest lessons you learned. Use your successes as a reminder to go to your @profile and click “Edit profile.” It will be a gratifying experience.

Where You’re Going

Don’t just show what’s behind you. What’s more important is you’re staying alive. State on your bio where you’re headed. Derek Sivers described this well on his project Now Page Movement.

By showing people what’s next for you, you’re kept accountable. People can cheer for you. The public will know what kind of support is relevant or irrelevant to you.

Imagine someone Tweeting at you, recommending a customer who badly needs your next product. Wouldn’t that be great?!


You’re the main audience of your own Twitter account. Use it to reflect your growth journey.

Next to yourself, people who are involved in your success would find it useful. They care about you and are in the position to support you. The same goes for the public.

If you just updated your Twitter bio today, that 30 second exercise can get you closer to your next customer, hire, investor, or friend.

Ok, go update your bio. Now.