Drive Traffic Using These Tools for Optimizing Your Twitter Bio

Allan Caeg Branding

You just attended a business networking event. You met a potential customer and a potential partner. When they arrive home, they Google your name.

If you have a Twitter account, it’s probably on top of the search results. Does your Twitter bio work for you?

Your potential customer has 1,000 acquaintances. For them to remember each one, they use categories in their minds. There’s a bunch of people in groups like e-commerce, weight loss, conversion optimization, WordPress engineering, web design, etc.

If you’re looking to stay present in your new acquaintances life, what do you want them to remember you for?

Does your short bio accurately reflect your role in their lives and what you want them to do?

What’s a great Twitter bio like?

Creating an effective bio is not rocket science. It’s all about knowing what to put on your bio to make it stand out and drive potential customers to your business. Here are examples of things to have on your bio to make them an effective marketing medium.

One identity

People can remember you if you fit a place in their life. If you’re a jack of all trades, you basically have no identity in their digital phonebook.

One Call-to-Action

What’s the 1 thing you want new people on your life to check out? Do you have a lead magnet? Is there a way that your new friends can dig deeper in their relationship with you, based on your 1 identity?

Let’s debunk some myths

Myth #1: Audience building is purely online.

Offline marketing STILL works. Word of mouth and networking events are good examples of offline marketing. Meeting like-minded people, friends of friends, partners of acquaintances are also a means to build an audience.

Even if more people are getting online now, don’t do away with socializing offline in order to build an audience. Face to face interaction with people gives you more flexibility to present your product and establish connection.

Ok, what does that have to do with Twitter? As mentioned, your offline interactions drive people to look up your profile online.

Myth# 2: The product or company is more popular than the founder.

If your brand is a legacy franchise, sure. However, you’re probably running a new business.

It’s very easy to confuse this simple fact: the founder is older than the product.

What does it mean? You have personal relationships that you can use to drive traffic to your new brand, rather than playing “hard mode” by starting from zero.

Myth #3: The bio is trivial, it’s all about the posts

It does matter. It’s the first thing that people will read about you and why they should follow you. 160 characters is the difference between getting new leads for your products or being dismissed as not worth following.

Myth #4: It’s about the logo, not the face.

It’s hard to build a relationship with a logo. People are built to have relationships with other people. If your brand is a faceless entity, it’s much harder to build trust.

Here are tools we recommend for your Twitter account.

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

This free analyzer can score the quality of your headline as well as its SEO value, how it will result when shared and if it can generate an increase in traffic. Good headlines get more clicks. Use power words that are a balance of emotional, common and uncommon words for your headlines. This is the tool to utilize for that.

Hemingway App

Hemingway app can make your writing bold and clear. The app highlights complex, long sentences and errors. Different color highlights determine if your sentence is too dense, if you can use a shorter word or have a passive voice. This is more is what the Hemingway App can do.


Hemingboard is your all-in-one thesaurus, puns and rhymes keyboard. Sometimes you find it hard to get your point across and you need to manipulate words in order to say what is on your mind. Just because even the best writers can be at a loss for words sometimes.

Over to You

Are you ready to tweet your way to get more leads? Get back on track and start by updating your Twitter bio. You will not be a Twitter superstar overnight but these tips and tactics can help build your brand and bring in more potential customers for your products.

A great Twitter bio is imperative for business development. It doesn’t only drive traffic, but it also changes your understanding of your current focus.

Go try the tools mentioned above to optimize your online reputation!