How to Track Goals with Trello

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1. Start with the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)

Begin by documenting your business’ broad purpose. This should guide your more tactical decisions.

Bonus: check out FranklinCovey’s Mission Statement builder tool.

2. Identify Your North Star, Your Immediate Milestone

Guided by your BHAG, describe the outcome you’re looking to produce in the foreseeable future. Who’s involved? What thing should they do that’s favorable for your business?

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3. Tracking Sprints with Trello

This is where Trello gets very useful every day. With your BHAG and North Star as references, make short-term bets. Identify the right number of projects that would be manageable for a span of one or two weeks, depending on your preferred cadence.

Since these items are projects, they’re not going to be done in one go. Break them down into smaller items using Trello’s checklist feature. These will be tasks that you can tick as you go, for a more immediate sense of achievement and having something actionable within the work day.

To track progress, Trello is a beautiful tool as you can assign colored labels. I advise using the stoplight colors: Green / Yellow / Red. They’re good for representing Good / OK / Lagging states. Additionally, you can also use emoji as part of the text title! Pick your favorite smiles and frowns to visually represent where you’re at.

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