Growing Week of September 5, 2016

Allan Caeg meta

Just flew in to another city! This week’s update is coming in later, as I was traveling.

Last week, you expected these from me. Let’s see how things materialized.

News from Last Week

It was an unusual week. Took a break from the hustle & bustle. I went for a silent retreat, which shortened the work week. It was worth it and I’m ready to face the rest of September!

Prepare for a Presentation

The presentation went well! In front of entrepreneurs like you, I talked about turning your personal brand into a real business. The audience appreciated how you can build scalable properties doing what you love. I’ll dig further into this topic this week.

Hear New Stories of Seven Entrepreneurs

I wasn’t able to do seven. It was more like four. Apparently, I got to know the city so well that most people I’d meet are entrepreneurs I already knew. Next time, I’ll go for diversification by visiting new places.

Publish About the Power of Building a Scalable Brand

The piece went through a little bit of a redirection. I’m happy with how it turned out, though! Find it here: How to Pitch Better in 8 minutes Using Your Phone

Up Next

Publish About What to Do When You’re Stuck

During last week’s presentation, I found a recurring theme. Entrepreneurs experienced “success” that they didn’t want to continue with. They dug into something so deep that they can’t get out of it, even if it’s time for them to move to another direction.

I’ll publish a piece on what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Build New Video is growing to be about the topic of branding. You folks seem to enjoy the pieces about spreading your word through a high-converting headline.

I’ll publish a new video resource for you regarding building a scalable business with a focused headline. Watch out for it!

Over to You

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