Growing Week of September 19, 2016

Allan Caeg meta

Last week was very exciting.

After getting an unprecedented level of traction here at, it felt time to optimize operations. This place is growing into a place that needs to produce more, as it’s starting to find its voice.

Last week, I committed this to you.

News from Last Week

Publish New Opt In Widgets

They’re beautiful. At the time of writing, there are 2 types of opt in offers on the website.

For all articles that are about the subject of branding, you’ll get the right opt in form. Expect more of these, now that I can focus more on the content. It’s great to get the technology out of the way.

Delegate & Automate Top Three Tasks

This is the biggest thing from last week. Actually, this is the biggest leap for in months.

I bought new tools like HaikuDeck to speed up production. More importantly, we have a new writer onboard! One of the perks of getting audience traction is justifying new costs.

This isn’t so complete though. I’m only able to supercharge two tasks: article writing and video production. I’m looking to scale the social media processes as well, to really multiply’s weekly output.

Build A Branding Mini Course

This is a work in progress that’s blooming beautifully. We’ve outlined the course and have drafted some of the material.

As we refine our process, this is the focus on where to apply the production.

What to Be Excited About

New Video

One of my biggest visions is “scaling human touch.” I believe that the way to do this now is through video. Watching someone speak on video is like meeting them without meeting them.

Expect a great new video resource from this week. And expect this to be a regular tradition!

Operation Calendar & Product Management

I’ve been operating on a week-by-week basis. It made sense during that time, when experiments are for the short term.

Now that patterns are forming, it’s time for me to make bigger bets. With a new writer onboard, I’m building a calendar for longer term project management. In practice, you can expect more from every week.

New Start Here Page

I now describe as: a place to help small Internet business owners grow their audience by fulfilling great promises. These are commitments that sell. The operations should revolve around that one commitment.

Expect this to be reflected on the /system page.

Over to You

Are you planning your weeks? Regardless of the type of your work, the concept of sprints is powerful.

Tweet me your week’s plans!