Growing Week of September 12, 2016

Allan Caeg meta

Now settling in the city. Not going be flying for at least a couple months.

This stability in my schedule will allow me to focus more on building things heads-down for you folks.

Last week, I committed these to you.

News from Last Week

Publish About What to Do When You’re Stuck

I’m proud of last week’s piece regarding comfortably rebranding when it’s time! It’s turning out to be a popular piece. Because we’re running agile, expect more advice like this from

Learn here how to comfortably rebrand when it’s time to move on.

Build New Video

As promised, I published a new video for you. This talks about the power of having a focused brand, so you can build a business that you’d happily scale.

At the time of writing, there’s a popup-like strip on the top of the page to lead you there. I’ll ship better ways for you to reach this video.

Up Next

Publish New Opt In Widgets

There are currently three categories of business advice on branding, goal setting, and goal management. Depending on what you’re reading, you’d want to give you the relevant next step.

I’ll be grooming these tracks in the coming weeks. Based on the article you’re on, you should get the corresponding content upgrade.

Delegate & Automate Top Three Tasks

I love the advice regarding “sharpening the saw.” You don’t want to be too busy working, only to fail to invest in the process.

Now that my work weeks are very predictable, I’m identifying room for delegation & automation. The goal is to 3x my capacity to deliver business advice.

Build A Branding Mini Course

To get new audience to keep digging, I’m building a new “welcome” course. This is going to be in form of a series of step-by-step advice.

Looking forward to shipping this content!

Over to You

This week, how are you investing in scaling your process? Don’t forget to sharpen the saw regularly!