Boost Marketing Results: Understand Projects & Campaigns

Allan Caeg Manage Goals, Set Goals

Shoot for the stars, as the saying goes…

In online business, you aim for a campaign result, the ultimate goal of your product.

Many entrepreneurs have fallen into one of the most common pitfalls when creating a product: confusing projects and campaigns.

Jessie is a product designer & developer. He spent seven months on his laptop designing and coding an app based on what the world needs. He’s hopeful, after giving his 100%.
When he finally gets a friend to test version one, it takes forty minutes of face-to-face walkthrough before they get the idea. In other words, no one buys it without his expensive intervention. What went wrong?

Pitfall alert!

Jessie thought about building a project. It’s a list of specs. While his product is theoretically superior, it’s not optimized for the outcome of influencing people.

His work was optimized to complete a project rather than to win a campaign.

You built a project? For what purpose?

Unless it’s just a hobby, you build products and businesses for the purpose of moving people. It’s a campaign. The end game isn’t to develop features. It’s to build things that get used and get paid.


If it doesn’t move the customer, what’s the project for? This is HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Methodology

Weight Loss & Online Business

Can you lose weight? I mean, is this a specific activity that you have in your Google Calendar at 6pm?

Weight loss is one of those things that happen when they happen. It’s not a calendar event. Instead, you book in your calendar activities that lead to weight loss. You can go to the gym or exercise proper diet.

The same goes with your online business.

There are outcomes that happen later and there are things done immediately. Weight loss success happens when you trim the 3kg to fit in your wedding attire. However, you can be obsessing with a diet you found on YouTube, which may not lead to the end result.

Project Completion

Completing a project means fulfilling the agreed scope. If you hire a designer to come up with a logo, their job is done when the logo is complete. Sure, the logo design task is meant for a particular aim, but the project scope ends when the defined set of tasks are done.

Examples of Projects:

  • Design a logo
  • Post on social media 2x per day
  • Build email registration feature

Campaign Success

A campaign talks about the aim. Projects are built for the campaign, but the stakeholder isn’t done until the objectives are complete.

Just because you finished the logo design project doesn’t mean your campaign is now successful. Sure, that task was built to help win the campaign, but you don’t automatically win just because you complete all projects.

Campaign success happens when the right set of projects happen to produce the result.

Examples of Campaigns

  • Get 500 email sign ups
  • Get 100 social media shares within a day of publishing
  • Hit $5k revenue

Why we need to focus on what the customer needs, rather than building projects. From

Balancing Projects & Campaigns

Entrepreneurs become too busy with projects because they’re easy to imagine. You can be optimizing your CSS all night and that tells your mind that you’re working hard on the campaign.

This doesn’t mean we’ll forget projects. What we need is to understand these 2 facts:

  1. Projects are necessary to move your campaign forward
  2. Not all projects move your campaign forward

Without paying close attention, it’s easy to confuse that they’re contradicting. They’re not and it’s the key to focusing on the few projects that matter.

Over to You

What’s your current campaign? It’s very easy to tell me that you have a busy schedule, but it’s often at the expense of the real end game.

Increasing email sign ups this month? Improving your annual revenue? Regardless of the campaign result, obsessing with your website security or logo design isn’t equivalent to success.

The next time you’re going to spend 3 hours or more on a task, see how closely it relates to your campaign’s success.