How to Establish Peer Accountability for Growth

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Are you working to hit a committed target?

Don’t be alone. Increase your likelihood of success with this pro tip. Get accountability from someone who cares.

You’ll need a couple of things before we begin. Have a clear understanding of your Growth Hacking goal and identify someone who will hold you accountable. It’s best to clarify the success criteria and deadline of your goal.

(NOTE: Need to clarify your Growth Hacking target first? Follow this guide.)

Find Relevant People

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Frequently Contacted People on Google Contacts

Check your contact lists. This is a powerful exercise. On top of finding possible accountability buddies, it’ll give you a feel for who you spend time with.

Gmail has this cool feature of displaying your most contacted people. The same goes for your chat apps. They have ways of displaying who you connected with recently. Chances are, you’ll find someone interested in your success and have some experience with what you’re trying to achieve.

Need to widen the search? You want to go out to find your tribe.

This realization will change your daily life. Beyond getting an accountability buddy, surrounding yourself with more like-minded people will introduce serendipity. Expect pleasant surprises, so don’t be afraid to go out of your circle. Participate in forums about your niche. Find a buddy who’s on a similar journey.

Set Rules With Your Chosen Peer

After clarifying your target (to do that, you can use this step-by-step guide) and partnering up with an accountability buddy, it’s time to set the rules. Let them know what to expect and seek to understand what they’re looking to do.

You want to begin by communicating the details of the target. Start by sharing why this matters to you. Tell them what the stakes are. They might even add more rewards and punishments, to motivate you further.

The key detail you want to share is the number to watch. What’s should get better? Is it gathering email opt-ins? Is it about getting existing customers to refer you to their friends? Are you looking to increase revenue?

After agreeing on the metric, discuss the quantity and deadline. If we were talking about fitness goals, it’s not enough to say that you’re going to lose weight. You also need to commit how much weight you’ll lose by the deadline. For your business, it can be something like “Increase new user signups by 30% in 1 month.”

Now that your buddy knows what you have to achieve, agree on when and how to keep you accountable. You definitely want to check in, when you reach the deadline or by the time you hit the goal. However, there’s a long journey before that. I recommend at least a weekly status report. By reviewing the status often, the goal will stay relevant.

Whenever you review, it also opens up the opportunity to get help. For one, it reminds you of the stakes. Also, your accountability peers will either give you relevant tips or even do things for you. If your peer has experience in what you’re trying to achieve, you get more value here. It’s even more powerful if they’re good at something that you currently fall short with. If they learn about what you need exactly, they might even do it for you.

Checking in can go both ways. You’re either on track or lagging. Whenever you’re on track, don’t fail to celebrate with your peer! Take that as an inspiration to keep winning. If you’re lagging behind, talking about the hard truth increases your chances of doing better tomorrow.

The Outcome

Going through this process not only legitimizes your growth goal. It makes you responsible for announcing good news. If you’re accountable to someone who listens solely for your success, you don’t want to disappoint them. Unlike a relationship with a boss, peer accountability motivates you from the inside. Instead of chasing a reward or avoiding punishment, you’re voluntarily interested in delivering good news.

No entrepreneur or Growth Hacker has to work alone. If you don’t yet have an accountability buddy for your growth target, I invite you to check your contact list for a buddy and click below for the free guide to clarify your goal.

Need to clarify your target, before you connect with your accountability buddy? Here’s your guide for setting your Growth Hacking goal (.PDF).

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