How to Keep Your Audience: Matching What They Clicked and What They Get

Allan Caeg Branding

Are you looking to grow your audience online? Trying to get new leads for your service? Maybe, you want more people to discover your product?

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People Discover You Online

How do people find your work? Social media, Google search, advertising, etc. What happens when your audience discovers you?

Imagine if half of your new visitors went over to your product page or service and become interested. Imagine if people who discover your work tend to go back. How big should your audience be then?

Getting Your Masterpiece Seen

You built products that people would enjoy. You worked on a service that clients would find useful. Your site is looking great. You have every button, contact info, and resources all in order.

Despite all your effort, you are not guaranteed that visitors will stay on your site. Will they stay long enough to know more about your product or service? For those who did stay, will they be going back to your site again? Even if you have the solutions to their problems, your visitors did not give you a fair chance to show it to them.

Wouldn’t it be nice if those same visitors came back some weeks or next month? If this happens, it only means that your visitors remembered you. You have an impact on them the first time they visited. They think you are the one who can solve their problem.

Your Audience Wants to Get What They Clicked

When people discover you on social media then click to your site, they want to get what they expected. How you present your business on these sites were clear to them and that is what they need.

These are expectations. Your visitors are aware of what they wanted to get. And they better get it when they click on your links.

Expectations Versus Reality

Unfortunately, there’s a huge mismatch between what people read on social media and the page that they clicked onto. When people click on your link, they are expecting something specific.

Sometimes, you promise one thing on your posts but your site says something else. Your visitors would instantly doubt if you can fulfill the original promise. They would think twice if you are capable of solving that specific problem that they have upon seeing your page.

You’re Competing with a Lot of Great Stuff

It is hard enough to get people to consider you. Your product or service is just one of the millions of good stuff already out there. People are presented by them every day on social media, Google searches and even on pop-up videos and ads from random sites. The thing is, people don’t click on every single one of them.

Your goal is for the few people who click to actually stay. You got their attention and they chose you over other sites.

Filtering Your Audience

Your promise should be clear enough for you to be able to filter out those visitors who stayed with you. You both will just be wasting time if the service or product is not what your visitors actually need.

Target your campaigns. Make sure that they are focused on your potential customers, the people that really need your services. This applies to all email marketing campaigns, ads, and other paid campaigns. Do not pay for something that’s not closely designed to reach your goals or niche market. Post on your all social sites, site and pages what you are about and what you are not about. Be very clear about it.

Over to You

Click on one of your links. It can be one of your social media posts or a recently added ad or page. You choose.

Put yourself in the position of your audience. Did you get instant gratification the minute you landed on the page you clicked? Or did you not feel that gratification?

If your answer is no, then it is time to edit. Revise the content, what you promised to give your customers. There has to be an alignment between your post and the page they will land into.

Your ultimate goal is to get the right fit for your product or service. These are your target customers. The people who will eventually avail of your service or buy your products.