This Week in Week of July 25, 2016

Allan Caeg meta

To let you into the lessons I learn and hold myself accountable, here’s another peek into how I’m growing this brand.

I’m learning that this is a thing. You can check out these hashtags on your favorite social networks: #MakingOf #ShareYourProcess #WIP

Updates from Last Week

Last week, I made these public commitments to you. What happened?

Transparency For The Win

The homepage, Start Here, and About Pages are fully revamped.

Publishing new offers

I published the new offers on the /products page and shared them with a small circle of people for validation. Not yet for prime time, but I’d rather show WIP stuff, to expose for criticism and growth.

This Week

I’m learning that it’s tough to share all my weekly objectives to the public. Sometimes, I want some element of surprise to the audience. Sometimes, it’s about my pride. Sometimes, it’s about whatever ad hoc strategic reason.

Beyond choosing what to share, I’m also learning the art of how to share. The way I phrase my journey should be useful to the audience as a source of lessons and entertainment. It should also be motivating for me.

Enough of the backstory. Here are the 3 things you should expect from this week:

1. Offer New Profile Writing Product

I’m brewing this new product of writing founder’s and their startups’ Twitter bio. This can be repurposed for other materials like their elevator pitch, Linkedin bio, bio, homepage copy, landing page copy, ad message, email launch copy, and other types of content that tell their story.

The idea of this is to get founders to clearly describe what they’re about. By publishing this description, they get closer to aligning with their potential & current team, stakeholders, and customers. Super powerful exercise.

2. Publish Article About Writing Your Twitter Bio

In line with the product, I’ll publish a piece about the value of and how to write your Twitter profile text.

3. Answer 10 Questions on Quora

Lastly, I’m supposed to revisit’s footprint on Quora. That site is a valuable way of getting in touch with the market’s expressed needs. I specifically have to answer 10 questions on Quora related to’s advocacy of founder transparency.

Over to You

I invite you to do a similar exercise! Do you have your week planned? Tell me about your week, on Twitter!