July 18, 2016 Week for Northbound.io

Allan Caeg meta

Walking the talk.

To be a case study of transparency, I’m sharing with you what’s up with Northbound.io this week. This is going to be so meta.

This place is about accelerating growth through clarity and accountability. I believe that publishing commitments will put founders like me in a better position to grow. It’s uncomfortable, but accelerating growth is more important than having it easy.

I wish to serve as a guinea pig, so here’s what’s cooking this week:

1. Update this website for transparency.

I’ll be upgrading or creating the following pages:

2. Publish and promote new offer pages.

After months of building traffic and fleshing out content for moving Goal Management forward, this place is now focusing on monetization. These new offers will help founders be more known, liked and trusted. I’ll help them to flesh out and share what they’re up to and how they’re making progress.

Over to You

I invite you to do the same! Share your week’s objectives with me on Twitter.