Turn Customers into Your Internet Marketers by Fulfilling Promises

Allan Caeg Branding

I’m sure you’ve been in a situation like this: You go to a restaurant. You check their menu. Damn, that burger looks delicious!

You ordered it. It gets to your table, boom! It doesn’t look like what’s on the menu! Now you’re cursing yourself for deciding based on the picture. You went as far as tweeting about how bad it is. Because you don’t want your friends to fall into the same trap you did. Talk about false advertising.

Watch this:

As a business owner, you don’t want the same experience to happen to your customers. Customers expect exactly what they ordered. You don’t want them to recommend against you.

Easy for me to say, you might be thinking. But what if I tell you that it can be that easy. How?

By making promises that you know you can fulfill.

Don’t overestimate what you are capable of. It’s understandable that you have bigger plans. But not all plans are 100% achievable. When you plan on delivering something, you need to be sure of a lot of things first. Do you have the resources needed? Is it time constrained? Are you compromising quality just because you’re focusing more on quantity?

By promising only what you’ll passionately deliver.

When you truly believe in your product, you will be able to handle even the worst scenarios. You feel physical pain, for failing to deliver. You can answer any question. Troubleshoot any problems. And keep that smile plastered on your customers’ faces.

When you are able to do the above-mentioned things, you will see that:

Your customers will be your advocates. They will now be the ones who will promote your business online. How’s that for good and free advertising?

You will also be pumped to keep producing good products. Got to make your new and loyal customers happy, right?

Over to You

How does your menu look? What did you promise on the packaging?

Open up your offer page and put your product beside it. Compare the menu and the burger.

With them side by side, does it look like you’ll get 5-star reviews?