Entrepreneur, What are You Up To?

Allan Caeg Set Goals

When a friend asks what’s next for you, do you answer with deep pride?

Unless you’re in “maintenance mode,” it takes effort to answer. Or you simply reply “I’m busy.”

Why being busy appears good

You’re busy? With what?

It’s a badge of honor, as if the clock doesn’t move as fast for everyone else. When was the last time someone asked you how you’re doing? What did you answer? Chances are, your answer had something to do with how busy you are. Chances are, a friend just told you how busy they are as well.

Why is this a bad answer? Being busy is about your activity, not outcomes. Optimize for results, not for theatric suffering.

“I’m getting more signups” is better news than “I had too many meetings.” You get what you optimize for.

Strategy is good, but…

Strategy is great, but obsessing over it causes frustration. If your pitch is mostly about the big picture, it feels like you won’t get anywhere in 2 years. Big-picture success ideas are extremely easy to find. World Domination ideas can come from anyone, but a step by step execution plan is rarer. What’s even more extraordinary is people who are actually committed to an actionable road map.

The Dangers of Perfecting Planning

Other than talking about grand visions, a typical practice talking about perfect execution. The value of research plateau extremely quickly. You can only read tutorials and optimize tools to some point. Given the abundance of today’s Modern Age, we quickly arrive at tools and guides that actually work. Too often, our research and planning budget is 40x more than what’s necessary.

Over to You

Everyone wants to tell a great story. What’s stopping you and me?

This concept is extremely easy to grasp, but equally difficult to do.

What’s missing isn’t the intellectual horsepower, but the level of commitment to deliver something soon… like this month. I invite you to launch that little step forward within 30 days, then tell me about it.