Build with confidence.

Tired of designing & developing technology that doesn't ultimately convert?

  • You're building a technology business for the freedom to keep on doing what you love.
  • You want to keep enjoying this freedom but the bank account is getting thin & time is running out.
  • Despite that, you don't want to resort to slimy or sleazy marketing techniques. They defeat the purpose.

Hi, I'm Allan. Like you, I'm a product builder. I'm an obsessed UX designer who found the the path to growing an audience.

I learned to get the heck out of the building.

As a UX designer and veteran Product Manager, my role has been on the drawing board. 

Where's the drawing board?

That's inside the building.

Like you, I enjoy building products. I enjoy the world of SaaS, apps, and automation. 

In fact, my technology career began because I wanted to be like Iron Man. I became a UX contributor to the world's largest Open Source projects, trying to build my Jarvis technology.

After successful years as a leader of product teams, I went for greater freedom. I wanted to build products that I care about for people that I handpicked.

It was tough. Bootstrapping a SaaS app is a hell of a rollercoaster.

I knew I needed to do things differently, but I ignored it for years.

One day, after years of resistance, I gave it a shot. I tried building an audience. I switched my focus on dealing with the market, rather than obsessing on the drawing board.

It's been paying off. I successfully built a system that drives new business on autopilot.

The key? It's to spend more of my personal time outside the building.

You probably heard of that expression by the great Steve Blank. "Getting out of the building" is the key to technology business success, because the answers are outside.

As an entrepreneur, your job responsibilities are outside the building.

I switched from primarily acting as a UX designer, to serve as an entrepreneur first.

I looked at my Twitter bio. The hashtags focus on the tactics and tools.

It was a terrible sign.​

A year ago, my calendar focused on choosing the right technology architecture and designing beautiful user interactions.

Those things are necessary for my technology business, but are they necessary tasks for me, the founder?

I realized that if I can't play the role of driving business development, I don't deserve the freedom.

If I was to be a busy bee, I should get a job.

I can't.

As a result, I changed my Twitter bio. I changed my job description. I changed the types of tasks that fill my week's calendar.

I moved to doing more things that grew the audience, instead of obsessing on designs that people wouldn't otherwise discover in the first place.

Let me share with you how I switched to growing an audience.

Changing my mindset wasn't easy.

Putting it to practice was even harder!​

It's hard to let go of the technology conversations. That's one of the main things we're doing business in the first place.

However, I'd rather do what works, than run out of time and money.

The easiest way to perform Lean Customer Development

In the world of Lean Startup, what they didn't tell you is how to perform Customer Development step-by-step.

There's a lot of theory, but too little practice. At best, you heard of a lot of practices that are too hard to get going.


Here is your step-by-step tools for identifying what product ideas & features should go first.

Based on real market data, you would innovate. 

If you're like me, getting out there and approaching strangers isn't your favorite thing.

This allows you to gain confidence on your product features even without initiating any conversation.

In this toolkit, you'll get a workbook and video guides including:

  • Guide to Lean Customer Validation​
  • Assessment of your capabilities
  • Market research procedure
  • Idea potential score calculator
  • Storytelling

Allan Caeg
Creator of Customer Development for Technology Founders

About the Founder

Allan is an optimistic technologists. He looks at the future with the hope of using technology to enable us to do things that matter most.

His professional career includes senior UX and Product Management roles at technology companies in 3 different countries, from publicly-traded corporations to high-growth startups.

These days, he enjoys listening to audiobooks at 2x speed.​

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