4 Stages of Online Business Regret & How to Avoid Them

Allan Caeg Branding

Think about the highest peak of a mountain. It represents your online business success. But like any other mountain, the path going up can be dangerous in multiple levels.

Then again, some got to the top.

Watch this:

How do you get there?

You probably faced the roadblocks of online business. These resulted to regrets. When you think of them, you think about something that you shouldn’t have done in the first place. One of those “you wish you could turn back time” moments.

You don’t have to be a victim of online business regrets the second time around. All it would take is for you to do your homework on how to overcome these roadblocks.

Here are the 4 roadblocks of online business that is stopping you from reaching the peak of your success:

  • Roadblock #1: No one discovers your product.
  • Roadblock #2: Doesn’t convert.
  • Roadblock #3: The promise wasn’t delivered immediately
  • Roadblock #4: You’re not pumped

Roadblock #1: No One Discovers Your Product.

You have a product with lots of potential. You took the time engineering it so it would bring satisfaction to your customers. But oh snap! No one knows about your product. It’s still invisible and undiscovered. All those time wasted on perfecting a shiny object that no one discovers.

How to avoid Roadblock #1: Get a reliable distribution channel.

The channel should be aligned with your product. It should be able to represent and make your product visible to your target audience. You built the product for the customers. If people can’t see it, then don’t bother creating it in the first place.

Roadblock #2: Doesn’t Convert

People land on your site and didn’t take action. Didn’t even bother to visit your other pages or sign up to your free offer. Or it might be that your visitors aren’t ready to buy yet. In less than 5 minutes, visitors have already forgotten about you.

How to avoid Roadblock #2: Seduce visitors to return.

Create pages that will keep your visitors looped in. Tweak your landing pages (see this guide from CrazyEgg). Add fresh offers, this could be freebie offers every week. Make them irresistible enough that your visitors will be obliged to sign up with their emails and follow your social sites so they are updated of your new offers.

Roadblock #3: The Promise Wasn’t Delivered Immediately

People got interested in your product, so much so that they already paid for it. But then, the product they got is not what they expected based on what you promised. It can also be that your promise doesn’t get delivered right away. Your visitors leave, not giving the product a fair chance.

How to avoid Roadblock #3: Deliver!

Right away! Upon signing up, they should get something out of it. More so once they paid, the value should be delivered ASAP. If you can’t deliver instantly, they will end up going to another business that can.

The key is to know the quick wins, based on the 80/20 principle. You’re in the business of making logos? Within 5 minutes of purchasing, let them select a template for guiding the font and color choices.

Keep giving them the largest, lowest-cost gains. They’ll keep on digging for more. After the quick wins, you would’ve built trust that they’ll stay with you for optimization.

Roadblock #4: You’re Not Pumped

Ok, remember when I said that the top of the mountain is the peak of your success? That’s incomplete. You also want to be on top of the right mountain.

You created and invested in a business that turned out to be successful in some measures. People are buying it. They want to keep buying it. But it doesn’t inspire you. You’re not into it 100%. You don’t want to keep running it. You’re “married” to the wrong business.

This happens a lot. People make the mistake of building something out of convenience, only to uncover that it’s not what they want.

How to avoid Roadblock #4: Build only what you care about.

Build the product around the people you want to serve. Think of your own problems and solve them. People are likely to have that same problem. Think solutions before profit making. Money will come once you have established a reputation for providing the best product.

Over to You

Don’t be married to the wrong business. The success of your online business will depend on how you do your homework, to avoid the roadblocks.

Trust me, you won’t ever regret it.