Brand Description Copywriting

Get a high-converting written description for your Internet brand.

This is well-written headline & description copy from your audience's perspective. It describes your personal, product, or business brand in a way that better convinces your customers, stakeholders, and team.

Perfect for Your:

  • Landing Page Copy
  • Homepage Copy
  • Ad Messaging Copy
  • Launch Email Copy
  • Social Media Copy
  • Blog Post Copy
  • Online and Offline Pitches
  • Press Release Copy
  • Reference for Project Management User Stories
  • Marketplace Brand Descriptions (e.g. App Store)

How it Works:

  1. Send the existing descriptions of your brand (on your website or social media accounts)
  2. Tell me your specific requests on how to improve it, if any
  3. Get your first suggestion
  4. Request for revision, if necessary
  5. Rinse and repeat. You can request up to 10 revisions within 7 days. It normally takes up to 3 revisions to nail it.
  6. Publish your updated brand description on your landing page, homepage, ads, email launch, social media, pitch deck, and more

What You'll Get

  • Headline copy of your brand. Perfect for an elevator pitch, Twitter bio, or website's H1 text.
  • Description copy of your brand. Perfect for your: product detail page, "About Us" text, value proposition text description.
  • Brand launch or relaunch insights. Your new or updated brand description puts you in the position to further grow your audience.


@AllanCaeg is an experienced strategist, manager, and builder. He has a knack for articulating brand purpose, in a way that aligns with business execution. His experience and unique perspective will give you a better description of your product. As someone outside your team, he can wear the shoes of your audience.

For just $199, upgrade your brand's strategy in a powerful way that convinces & aligns your team, stakeholders, and customers. Beyond the copywriting, this clarifies your strategy & operations. This articulates your value proposition statement & guides how you spend resources.

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