Growing Week of August 8, 2016

Allan Caeg meta

I’m getting used to this exercise of holding myself publicly accountable for weekly sprints. I like how this is based on immediate feedback, instead of a big product roadmap that the market may or may not appreciate.

Updates from Last Week

Last week, I made these public commitments to you. Here are the updates:

Strategy Session

It’s season for me to revisit big picture strategy.’s direction went through a high level adjustment. Originally, it was heavily based on Objectives & Key Results (OKRs). This brand was built for operational success of modern businesses. Going down the journey for some time now, I discovered a useful change in the angle.

Instead of just “operational excellence,” it’s now narrowing down into marketing operations. Why? The success of the business is ultimately based on how the market responds. No matter how we hit our goals, if they have nothing to do with the customer, that’s a bad north star. The guiding principle for successful operations has to revolve around market fit.

Publish Piece About Apple’s Great Company Description

Here it is! Going through the piece, I discovered how Apple takes the boilerplate seriously. Their blurb of how they describe the company reflects their focus, self-awareness, and evolution. I invite you to read more of it here.

Upgrade’s Navigation Based on New Strategy

Thanks to modern web technology, I easily update this website’s menu navigation. This week’s navigation shift was a particularly mindful activity.

At the time of writing, the navigation shows: WHY, START HERE, and BLOG. This is based on the direction change from an OKR-centric venture to one that’s based on the alignment of Marketing & Operations.

On to the next week!

This week is different from most. I have a flight scheduled, so that shortens heads-down work.

Here’s what to expect:

New Pitch of

I’ll be publishing an updated definition of and its sub-brands. Last week’s strategy session and change of website menu navigation called for an update of the story. You’ll see that on the START HERE page and social media.

New Piece About the Alignment of Marketing & Operations

This newfound focus on the subject of marketing & operations alignment calls for relevant content. I’ll be publishing my thoughts on how operating based on marketing materials produces company integrity.

Publish New Opt In Forms

To further the mission, I’ll publish new forms that will loop in new website visitors. This will be based on the updated positioning in the subject of operations & marketing.

Over to You

Enough about me! What’s on for you this week? Tell me about your week on Twitter!