Growing Week of August 29, 2016

Allan Caeg meta

I’m getting the hang of this public accountability. Beyond being accountable to you, it also clarifies my own understanding of how I should serve you folks this week.

Last week, I committed these to you. Let’s see how I did.

News from Last Week

Hear Stories of 7 Entrepreneurs

This was by far the most important project for me last week. Since I’m traveling at the moment, there’s serendipity that I have to take advantage of. I did five of seven.

Publish New Opt-in CTA at End of Pages & Twitter

This is incomplete. Was able to add the CTA at the end of pages, but haven’t gotten around doing this on Twitter. I’ve learned important things, though.

Moving forward, I’ll create more resources that will be relevant to other categories of articles. I’ll publish those resources and the corresponding CTAs in the right pages.

Publish about the Dangers of Quick Wins

This was completed! Yay! Find it here.

I kind of derailed from the subject of “Quick Wins” and arrived to something more powerful. The title revolved around the solution instead of the problems with quick wins.

What to Expect this Week

Prepare for a Presentation

I’ll be presenting in the city! This helps me build the content for you folks to follow on That includes preparing the slides, rehearsing them, presenting them tomorrow, and publishing the materials.

Based on the live feedback I get, I’ll optimize what I share with you on this publication.

Hear New Stories of Seven Entrepreneurs

Since I’m still traveling, I’ll continue to maximize the chance to listen. Sticking to the target of meeting seven new entrepreneurs. Hope to hit it this week!

Publish About the Power of Building a Scalable Brand

Over the weekend, I’ve been obsessing on the value of being true to yourself. A “success” isn’t desirable if you tick the checkboxes yet feel unsatisfied.

I’ll share with you the power of building systems that align to your values and desired direction, to build something that scales.

Over to You

We’re about action here!

What does your week look like?