Growing Week of August 22, 2016

Allan Caeg meta

It’s that time of the week again!

Last week, I committed these to you. How did I fare?

News from Last Week

Listen to Stories of 5 Online Business Owners

I did just 5! Talk about fulfilling promises. While I was hoping to exceed the number, some of the connections I made surprised me. For the purpose of, it taught me the power of listening. This turned out so good that I’m doing the same again this week.

Publish About Operating Towards a Promise

We have a great piece here! So far, it’s one of the best-performing on I’m going to keep monitoring analytics to see how I can replicate this piece’s success.

It’s incomplete, though. I was hoping to publish an accompanying video but resources didn’t permit this week.

Update Website

We’re rocking updates on the homepage, /why, and /system. I love how is growing to reflect its position on syncing the marketing promise and work. I’ll keep iterating on this.

What to Expect this Week

Hear Stories of 7 Entrepreneurs

As mentioned above, last week’s exercise of listening turned out very fruitful. I’m continuing the practice this week and upping the number to 7 entrepreneurs.

Publish new opt in CTA at end of pages & Twitter

I’ve been making slow progress in this regard. We have to change that this week. You should expect new call-to-actions on the end of pages and my Twitter account.

This exercise is valuable not only for lead generation. It affirms the story that I should tell. It’s an exercise of how I pitch’s mission to those who should want to be looped in.

Publish about the Dangers of Quick Wins

One of my biggest lessons the past week was how quick wins affect our big picture.

I’ll be doubling down on this subject.

Over to You

Can you smell the beautiful Monday air?

Kickstart your week strong with a strong plan, like this one!