Growing Week of August 15, 2016

Allan Caeg meta

Hello again for another iteration of Growing updates!

This week is unusual as I’ve been traveling. Our program is unique based on where I’m at.

Updates from Last Week

Last week, you expected me to do these. Let’s see how I fared.’s new Pitch

This is a big strategic update, building on from earlier weeks’ work. You can see this reflected on the new home, Start Here, and About pages.

What’s’s new pitch? It’s a publication about the alignment of marketing & operations. It’s about helping online business owners optimize projects to lift marketing metrics. I’m thrilled to push forward this new pitch through new content. Watch out!

New Piece About the Alignment of Marketing & Operations

I’m pretty happy about last week’s piece about saving engineering budget through powerful headlines. This is an essay about how a marketing pitch spares you unnecessary engineering cost. With a clear promise, you know what project tickets are more important than others. Hence, your engineering can deprioritize or remove tickets that don’t get you closer to the marketing promise.

Publish New Opt In Forms

Due to unforeseen events and a shorter work week, I wasn’t able to publish all the planned opt in forms. I had half of the week gone due to traveling so, squeezing the schedule was tough.

It’s nice to know that my public commitments to you don’t always go as planned. Beyond easing the expectation, it practices my honesty and transparency to you.

What’s Happening This Week

Hear Stories of Five Online Business Owners

Because I’m traveling, I have the opportunity to meet up with new people. I’m pumped to get to know more online business owners. Originally, I intended to speak about the mission, but the past weekend taught me important lessons about relationships.

Instead of focusing on spreading, I’m focusing on listening. I’d like to have my finger on the pulse, in terms of what the market needs. This is definitely my priority for the week.

Publish About Operating Towards a Promise

Last week’s piece was about building a promise that sells. Without a headline that works, you’re not even in the place to build your Minimum Viable Product. This week’s piece builds on that.

If you have a promise that people are buying into, you ought to optimize your operations towards that. Watch the blog for this fine piece.

Update Website

Continuing’s brand update, I should further iterate on the website. This should reflect on the homepage, /why page, and meta tags.

Because the brand is still rapidly iterating, there’s still a lack of cohesion between what you see on different pages. I will tighten them up to reflect how is a publication about optimizing operations to lift marketing metrics for internet entrepreneurs.

Over to You

I invite you to make a commitment like this. Why don’t you send a message to a friend regarding one of your week’s goals?