This Week in Growing August 1, 2016

Allan Caeg meta

Here’s another episode of peeking inside’s journey!

Two weeks into this exercise of publicly sharing weekly plans, I’ve been experiencing an unprecedented level of accountability. While I artfully share what I’m up to, the level of detail you see in these updates are specific enough that you can see if I failed you folks this week.

Updates from Last Week

Last week, I made these public commitments to you.

Wrote Brand Profiles

It was a pretty strong week. The attempt was to offer writing the bios of brands, whether personal brands of founders or their businesses. There was a good enough demand that I had to stop spreading the word that it’s available. The feedback regarding the actual product has also been very positive. I’d count that as a strong win.

Published Article About Writing a Great Twitter Bio

Here it is! It ended up slightly differently from what I imagined, for the better.

Spreading the Love On Quora

I committed to publish 10 answers on Quora regarding’s updated mission, of enabling founders to grow faster via transparency. Was able to publish 14!

What’s On for Next Week?

Beautiful Monday. First day of August. I like how it’s so neat on the calendar.

1. Strategy Session

It’s whiteboard strategy time at It’s a great opportunity to reflect and update some monthly goals. Since it’s the start of the month, the brand is growing to be about founder transparency, and other personal reasons; I’m visiting the whiteboard for some big picture review.

2. Publish a Piece About Apple’s Great “About Us” Description

While Apple is a usual case study for many disciplines, they’re particularly great at describing themselves. I won’t spoil the fun. Look out for that article.

3. Upgrade’s Navigation Based on New Strategy

Since I’m doing a strategy session, the brand is getting some changes. I’ll have to reflect that through the website’s navigation, cornerstone pages, and email opt in forms.

Over to You

OK! This is the part where you hold me accountable. Watch out for next week’s report. Do yours too. Share it with me, if you want.