How Apple Describes Its Brand & How You Should

Allan Caeg Branding

You’re a founder. You run a company. It’s a brand.

How do you describe this brand? How do you align your team during monthly meetings? What do you tell the public?

As a fan of Apple products, I spent many late nights watching their announcements. One thing I notice about their brand is how clearly they describe it every time. Through the years, they update it. The updates aren’t due to confusion, though. They change it whenever their brand evolves into a bigger giant, covering new things.

Despite the secrecy, it’s a brand that’s so well-understood by the public. Many people’s livelihood depend on Apple as outside observers. Industry pundits and fans know what’s Apple-like or not.

They don’t just define their brand during their popular keynotes, though. They do so consistently every time they do a press release. The end of every announcement describes the latest and greatest iteration of the company.

Let’s look into the lessons we can take from how Apple describes itself from its press release boilerplates.

Apple Boilerplate Evolution

Applying to Press Releases: From ProductHunt to TechCrunch

Not all brands reiterate who they are. Apple uniquely does this by adding their identity’s description to every announcement. Your business is also taking advantage of opportunities to announce updates. Whether it’s a new product launch or a brand relaunch, use these opportunities to pitch your latest & greatest description of who you are.

Have your go-to copy handy for opportunities like publishing on ProductHunt, being interviewed on a podcast, or sharing your story on publications like TechCrunch.

Grow the Brand Description and the Brand

Note how Apple’s brand evolves through the years. If you’re an early-stage company, your company description can even change multiple times a month.

Keep your brand description updated. Use it as an opportunity to clarify where you are now. If your journey is evolving, there’s a reason to update your description. If it’s unnecessary to update, you have bigger problems.

Short Summary of a Big Story

Keep it as a short pitch. Apple’s company description is usually three to four sentences long. That’s short for a brand with so much influence on today’s society and a huge legacy.

Keep your company description punchy. This has to fit an elevator pitch.

Convince the Audience, Supporting the Call-to-Action

Optimize your brand description to drive action. Have it accompany your call-to-action. If your potential customer is reading about you on someone else’s blog, this paragraph should make them click to your website.

Always have it present and ensure it’s optimized to support the action.

Over To You

Do you have a short company description? If so, update it. If not, you need it last year.

Whichever the case is, make sure it’s published for your team to see. You’re the number one audience of your company’s description. By knowing what you’re about, you and your team can internalize the mission and align projects & actions accordingly.

In the process, you also get a pitch that drives more conversions from potential customers, stakeholders, and even hires.