5 Tips for Setting Your Q2 2016 Growth Hacking Goals

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Welcome to the 2nd Quarter of 2016! Entrepreneurs, Marketers, and Growth Hackers like you shouldn’t fly blind. “Growth” should be actionable rather than an ambiguous buzzword. Since your North Star is growing the business, you should know what it specifically means at any given time. Here are tips for setting your growth hacking goals at this time of the year.

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1. Review Where Your Business Is

Look at your results from Q1. Did you hit your targets? Are you going to pursue the same numbers? Did your targets stay relevant until the end of the quarter? Based on the parts of your business that are ahead or lagging, identify what improvements would provide the greatest leverage.

2. Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions (or Not)

Chances are, you also set goals for the start of the calendar year. Review what you set out for the rest of the year and see if it’s still valid. We still have 3/4 of 2016 left. As long as your January pledges remain valid, persevere.

If they’re not anymore relevant, explicitly let your team know how you’re changing course. It’s important that everyone’s aligned where the moving target is at the moment.

3. Learn About What’s New With Your Vertical.

Keep up with the news. Especially if you’re in a rapidly changing industry, you must consider where the market is headed. Is there new technology in your area that opens up a new opportunity? Is there a seasonal consideration during April, May, and June that will affect your customer segment’s buying behavior?

4. Check out the Latest in Marketing Technology

Leverage the latest and greatest tools at your disposal. Doing business is becoming easier at an accelerating rate thanks to new technologies popping up. Scour the market for the greatest hacks that weren’t available the last time you set a growth goal. Check out resources like ProductHunt and G2Crowd.

5. Q2 or April: Identify the Right, Manageable Deadline

Cadence is critical. Did your Q1 goals end up staying relevant? If the market is more unpredictable than you thought, try a shorter timeframe. It’s about balancing the length of time. Have it big enough big enough to make a noticeable difference. Have it not too long that the difference will remain relevant to where you’re taking the business.

Get the free Guide to Setting Your Growth Hacking Target(.PDF)

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